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Recently, due to industrial semi-conductor devices are used greatly in equipments, harmonics problems in circuits become more and more serious.To inhibit high order harmonics cause various failure in power system, and surge current on switching frequently to APFR, it is good to equip series reactors to make surge current less extreme in circuits and capacitors for exending the life of capacitors and electro-magnetic contactors.
The Capacitors are specially designed for A.C. mini motors and electrical apparatus. Adopt metallized polypropylene film or metallized polyester film which has excellent electrical characteristic, made with newest technique and strict quality control. Capacitor has the advantages of minimal size, light weight, low loss, high insulation resistance and high security. Applicable to air conditioning machines, refrigerators, washing machines, ventilating fans, electric fans, motors, fluorescent lamps and mercury lamps...etc. for starting and power factor correction purpose.
OEM Plastic Film Capacitor